Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stupid Pervert

So there's this guy at my High school and he's really annoying and a pervert. He's new to my school and he's a junior and I'm a freshmen . In the beginning of the year, my girlfriend's sister was being nice to him just like any other good student should do. She showed him around and introduced him to people. Only a couple of days after school had started she was bending over at her locker to get a book and he came up behind her and grabbed her ass. As she should have done, she told him off and that he better never talk or bother her ever again.

So I was in the school play and my girlfriend came and helped me go over my lines and help with set. The pervert was in the play too so he was there everyday and he insisted on talk to the two of us and our friends, so we were nice to him. The week before homecoming weekend, I found out that he asked out every feshmen girl to the dance even though he had a girlfriend. Then at the homecoming football game, he was high. Me and my girlfriend were sitting in the bleachers with the marching band because we're part of it. He came up behind us and kissed my girlfriend on the cheek and then me on the cheek as well. I was so angry, I would have flipped the guy over the bleachers if my girl hadn't of been there.

A few after the guy finally left my gf's sister came over to us and told us she saw what happened and told us that a couple of her best friends, that were like brothers to them had gone off looking for them. I ran after them to make sure they didn't do anything too stupid. When I got off of the bleachers I found them walking back. They said that they gave him a stern warning to not mess with any of us ever again. The next night at the homecoming dance, he completely avoided us and stayed by his girlfriend.

The next Monday, when we went back to school I got there early and found that both my gf's sister and the perverted guy were there too, avoiding each other. My locker is just down the hall from her's so we were kind of talking. Then when she had to go somewhere she passed the guy. I looked up and found him staring at her ass as they passed each other. I wanted to do something but I decided that it was smart to not. Then I had to go upstairs so I went to the staircase. I had a feeling that someone was watchinf me so I turned around and found that he was staring at my ass.

I got really freaked out. After school that day I told all my friends what had happened. My gf didn't want any trouble so she said not to fo anything. After she left, me and one of my good friends went up to the guy ourselves and told him that if he did anything else that he would be hurting pretty badly. After we went home I told my gf and she got worried that he would go to the deans and say that we threatend him. I told her that he wouldn't because he could esily get him in trouble for sexual abuse and for possesion of  illegal drugs on school property.

Did I do the right thing?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Today Sucked

Wow, today really sucked bad. I have band 3rd period and there's a locker room just down the hall where we leave our bags. While we were rehersing someone stole my ipod. I reported it after school but they said there was a very small chance of me gettting it back because it had been a while. The thing that really sucked was that i was logged into Facebook, Twitter, Formspring, and this on there so I have to keep checking all of them to see they have done anything. Then today after school I had rehersal for the school play like I do everyday but today everything was bothing me. I thought it was because of my iPod situation but then I realized that I was really agitable for somereason. The only thing that is keeping me sane right now is my girlfriend. Thank God for here. <3

Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Blog

Today was fun. This is my first blog and I really don't know what to write. If you have anything that you can think of for me to write about pleae let me know in a comment.